First CBSE School in Mahad


Welcome To Navyug

Classes on classical music, classical dance and Martial Arts etc. will be provided to the students as per the requirements and requests, if relevant number of students is in the requirement. No extra fee is being charged.

Daily Record Book

A Daily Record Book is kept in each class in which the teachers write the daily work done for all subjects. The principal checks and signs the same daily.

Progress Report Card

The Record of performance of individual students will be reflected in the progress reports card, which will be given to parents at Open House.

  • Students should attend the school regularly.
  • A leave letter written by parent or guardian must be submitted in advance as support of any absence.
  • Pupils who remain absent themselves without intimation must take the permission of the H.M/Principal to attend the class after absence.
  • Do not send the child to school if they have infectious diseases and they must bring their leave letter written by parents or guardian and medical certificate while resuming to the class.
  • If the absence is beyond ten days without any intimation his/her name will be removed from the roll.

Dedicated, committed, disciplined and fully qualified staff appointed will take care of the children to mould them as responsible citizens of the future. They are well qualified and trained staffs.


School library is equipped with useful books for the pupils. Reference books for our staff are also provided. The school subscribes to different periodicals and newspapers for the benefit of the students and teachers. Minimum one book will be given to each student in a week. The parents must encourage and help the student to read the library books. The school is committed to develop a reading habit in the child.There are different variety of books in the library both of Marathi,English and Hindi. This is helpful to accelerate the language and general knowledge of the students.

We are providing a period for library reading to promote reading habit in children and also to improve their knowledge.

Parent’s Participation

The management feels that the education of a child can be effective if there is regular and healthy interaction between parent and teacher. The parents are often invited to a discussion of the performance of the child. They are advised to act accordingly. The H.M./Principal, staff members and management will not entertain any unauthorized guardian/relative instead of parents on any occasions.

The school management shall arrange seminars on relevant topics such as child psychology, food habits, yoga etc. for the benefit of the parents. The parents are requested to participate in these seminars and get advice from the experts such that they can give better care to their children.

General Information For The Parents

Education cannot be confined to the four walls of classroom only. For full growth and all round development of the child, it is a responsibility to be shared equally by the parents and the school.

Home is the place where the child gets the first education and training in citizenship. It is the chief institution where the character of the child is carved and moulded. School education promotes the growth of personality and helps to discover and develop the talent and qualities in a child. This task of helping children to become good citizens is done best through a kind of partnership between the school and parents and, therefore, to secure all that is best in the maximum cooperation between the parents and the school is indispensable.

Needless to say that, the school desires to have your cooperation and close contact with the teachers in order to develop an atmosphere conducive to education and child’s welfare. Regular communication between us is one of the links, which bridges the home and the school and provides effective media for parent teacher contact. In addition, it will be appreciated if the parents pay special attention to the following points.

  1. Children should be encouraged to cultivate a habit of cleanliness in all their work
  2. They should do their home assignment, activity and project work themselves, unless they require some guidance. It is desired that children should be self-reliant and develop a habit of self-study.
  3. As the children advance in age they should be guided to become resourceful and useful members of the home, society and the country. They should be taught to keep their room and other belongings tidy, make their own bed, polish their own shoes and carry their bag themselves. Development of such habits early in life inculcates the idea of self-respect, self-reliance, dignity of work and such other virtues necessary for success in life.
  4. Absence from school for attending social functions should be discouraged. It retards their progress and distracts their attention from regular teaching and homework. In case of unavoidable circumstance parents should take permission from the Principal before proceeding on long leave.
  5. Criticism of teachers in front of children and other students should be avoided because it undermines respect for the teacher and the school. If there is a legitimate complaint, you may meet the Principal in person.
Cancellation of admission

Admission may be cancelled at any time during the academic year if the parent/student violates the rules and regulations of the school.

Withdrawal of admission

The parents are free to withdraw their children from school after serving one month notice in advance. Transfer Certificate will not be issued until all the dues are cleared

Student’s Calendar

The parents are advised to check the diary of the child daily. The parents have to sign teacher’s remarks in the diary. If explanation is required by the teachers, parents must send an explanation either in writing in the diary itself or in a separate paper attached to the diary, if the space is not sufficient to write the explanation. The teachers will sign and reply for any query written by the parent in the diary on the same day provided the same was brought into the notice of the teacher by the child.Any delay in this may be communicated to the head of the institution.


The school gives great importance for the maintenance of discipline among the children. Children learn better if he/she is disciplined. It will help the child in future also. Sound discipline and good behavior are always expected from children. But the school management is against the concept of forced discipline. The members of the staff are strictly instructed no to adopt physical or mental torture to make the student disciplined in the class. Positive reinforcement will be strictly adhered to maintain good discipline.

School Uniform

All students are instructed to wear neat and clean uniform in proper manner. The pattern of uniform will be intimated at the time of admission. A student can wear casual dress only on his/her birthday. All the other days prescribed uniforms are to be used.

General Rules and regulations
  • Students should abide by the rules and regulations of the school and maintain perfect discipline and personal cleanliness.
  • In case of gross misdemeanor a student can be expelled by the H.M./Principal with the
  • The student should neither wear costly ornaments nor bring any valuables with them to the school.
  • The management will not be responsible for the loss of anything of the above kind.
  • The management is at liberty to use the names and photographs of its pupil as and when needed.
  • The management does not hold responsible for any mishap of its pupils
  • Chewing anything during class hours is not allowed. No student should bring chewing gum/ bubble gum to school.
  • No students are supposed to roam in school campus during the school hours. If teacher is not in the class room due to absence and scarcity of teaching staff, students are to remain in the class room or Library.
  • Parents can meet teachers or staff members by appointment and on Saturdays at 11.30 am. They are not allowed to enter into the class rooms and are expected to wait in the visitor’s room or at the reception.
  • Any change in the address or phone numbers should be intimated to the school in the diary.
  • The rules and regulations issued from the government will be followed.
  • If the information furnished in the application form is found incorrect, the respective child will be removed from the list.