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Admission Rules

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Rules Regarding Admissions And Withdrawal

“Education is the manifestation of perfection already existing in man.” -Swami Vivekanand

  • 25% seats for admission are available in accordance with RTE Act.
  • A child who joins fresh from home will have to produce an original Birth Certificate from a relevant Govt. /Panchayat authority in support of the date of birth entered in the Registration Form.
  • A child who has attended a private unrecognized school must produce an affidavit for the same and produce the School Leaving Certificate from the last school attended.
  • The School Leaving Certificate or Transfer certificate should bear the recognition number of that school. In case of students coming from schools outside Maharashtra State, the School Leaving Certificate must counter Signed by the Education Inspector of the area from where he/she comes.
  • Parents seeking admission for their ward should initially fill in the registration and attach a photocopy of the pupil’s final result of the previous year from the earlier school.
  • On being granted admission parents will have to submit the necessary documents (birth certificate, School Leaving Certificate et.) along with two passport size photographs.
  • If a pupil is to be withdrawn, one calendar month notice should be given in writing by the Parent/ Guardian to the Principal.
  • In exceptional circumstance of withdrawal, one quarter’s tuition fee in lieu of the notice will have to be paid. Amount collected as Term Fee or Tuition Fee will not be refunded.
  • Unless all dues are paid by the students, the results of the examination/tests conducted by the school will not be communicated to the pupil.
  • Schools Leaving Certificate will not be issued till all the outstanding dues from the pupil at the time of leaving the school are paid and a clearance certificate from the concerned authority is obtained.
  • Pupils who leave the school in month prior to any vacation must pay the fees for the vacation.
  • No deduction in fees will be allowed for vacations or for broken periods of the month. The full month’s fee will be payable if the student’s name appears on the roll on the first day of the month.
  • Admission fee will not be refunded even if the pupil, for any reason, leaves the school immediately after securing admission.
  • All withdrawals from the school can be made only on the written request for the same by the parent or guardian of the child to the Principal.
  • Application for a School Leaving Certificate should be made by the parent or guardian on the prescribed form in the school calendar.
  • In case of a request for a duplicate of the School Leaving Certificate, the parent or guardian, will have to produce an affidavit stating therein what has happened to the original certificate and why a duplicate is required.
  • A fee of Rs.100/- will be charged for issuing a duplicate School Leaving Certificate.

If any damage is found in the class or campus will be charged with actual cost of repair/ restoration plus a penalty of 50% and if the name of the person who has committed the damage is not disclosed by the students in the particular class,the said amount will be divided equally amongst all the students.

Age: For first admission, pupils must have completed the age of six years by 1st April of the academic year. For subsequent classes the eligible age will be reckoned with reference to 1st April or as in the record sheet.