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Dear Parents,
We recognize that choosing an institution for your ward is an imperative decision you make in life. Just as we choose our students carefully, you also need to choose the appropriate school for your ward. The key decision for a parent asto which school is ideal, will resemble an institution that enables them to serve as guides for their ward(s) destined toward lifelong learning, an esteemed education and a successful career.

The environment at Navyug Vidyapeeth Trust instills discipline, independence, interdependence (self-confidence), a love for learning, performance and a sense of social responsibilities in the lives of the children. It was originated as a non-community project of Navyug Vidyapeeth Trust which was envisioned by its Founder Shri Vijaysinh Jadhavrao, as a house of learning based on values of truth other than religion.

What is religion? Who created several religions in this Universe? How does it is useful in normal life? Religion is useful to a limited extent to control our life activities. But as per our view we human beings are not to be addicted or judged by religion. Today many of the extremist are miss-utilizing the principles, ethics and philosophies of religion. Hence, we are not at all interested to indulge religion in the educational campus but we always respects and appreciate religion to the extent of human necessity. We want our campus to be divine and filled with Angels of love and service through which our children could experience the presence of God.

Then what is our motto? We believe in Truth and instigating to promote or propagate about the same. What is Universal truth? Human-being is the Universal truth. The first sensible generation created by the Creator/Supernatural Power.

Hence, we believe in humanity. What is humanity? Empathy (Sympathy), Kindness, Charity, Culture, Courtesy, Honesty etc. is the symbols of humanity. How it is performed? We are aiming to inculcate these sorts of good qualities in the mind of the wards. “When a person serves a human being in his necessity, he is serving the creator and satisfying the desire of the creator.”

Universalism is not only a set of values, but a worldview to which any can subscribe if they observe and believe in the universality of the human experience — and that of all sentient life — and work to uphold the principles, ethics, and actions that safeguard these fundamental things.

Indeed many Universalists may be attracted to the logic of universally applicable principles, rather than any belief or dogma. Human unity, solidarity, and the perceived need for a sustainable and socially conscious global order are among the tendencies of non-religious Universalist thought.

We are also following the same logic in our school and each and every ward or citizen is vested by the right to select their own religion at their liberty. But, the same is not to be implemented in the campus.


Adv. Vijaysinh Jadhavrao
Founder Trustee

Who We Are

The foundation of Navyug Vidyapeeth Trust was laid by the able hands of Shri Vijaysinh Jadhavrao, our Founder and Chairman in the year of 1978.

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  • Among all the institutes offering courses in education, there is an establishment which has built it’s foundation on the floors of excellence over the last 39 years-Undoubtedly it is the Navyug Vidyapeeth Trust. Navyug was established in the year 1978, with the mission of “Vidyadhanam Sarvadhanam Pradhanam”. The trust has, under its umbrella developed as an institution offering students full scope for overall development. Navyug is looked upon as a place of pride in the region.

    Navyug Pre-primary School

    Navyug was established in the year 1978 and is the pioneer to have started English Medium School in this region. With a meagre number of students gradually it rose to a full-fledged institution. This is the first institution under Navyug. There is an independent and secluded area developed for these section keeping in mind the nature and needs of their age. A green and natural environment, separate watering facilities, spacious ventilated and fully furnished classrooms and nutritious lunch facility, add to the excellence of infrastructure.

    Navyug English Medium School

    Navyug English Medium School is the most trusted flagship institution under Navyug Vidyapeeth Trust. It is known for its higher teaching standards and for introduction of newer and innovative methods in learning.

  • The foundation of Navyug Vidyapeeth Trust was laid by the able hands of Shri Vijaysinh Jadhavrao, our Founder and Chairman in the year of 1978. The trust laid the foundation of its first educational institution, Navyug English Medium School. Then Navyug Marathi Medium School was established in the year 1995 and Semi English Medium School was established in the year 2005. The Navyug Junior College was established in the year 1995. The Trust and its campus is located at the heart of Konkan, which is Raigad. Historically, Raigad is the kingdom of Chatrapathi Shivaji Maharaja.

    Education at Navyug is directed towards the training of students intellectual faculties. The purpose of Navyug is to:

    • To provide relevant, effective and convenient education at all levels and through all possible mediums and tools of education.
    • To foster equal educational opportunities for all racial, ethnic, and socio-economic group.
    • Train the students to be citizens with a deep faith which will inspire them to fulfill their social responsibilities.
    • Develop desirable social attitude and manners to encourage healthy group participation and make students sensitive to the rights and privileges of others.
    • Help them to become mature individuals who respect their elders by being polite and well mannered.
    • Enable them to understand themselves better and to install confidence in them and make themselves useful in nation building.
    • Foster among students a positive attitude towards problem solving in both academic and non-academic situation.
    • Encourage them to strive towards excellence in every field, giving due consideration to the welfare and needs of their fellow being.
    • Develop an awareness and understanding of the environment, the world events and develop sensitivity to the use of resources.
    • Provide experience that demonstrates the value of cooperation and teamwork in every area.
    • Help students develop positive and constructive personal values which can lead to sound moral judgement and behaviour.
  • School Management Committee

    Mrs. Shweta Murudkar - Parent Representative
    Mrs. Virginia Redden - Secretary Mr. Shashin Adhikari - Parent Representative

    • Dr. Ramesh Naik - Doctor
    • Adv. Uday Deshmukh - Advocate
    • Adv. Mahendra Jain - Advocate
    • Mr. Javed Attar - Agriculture
    • Mr. Imran Antule - Architecture
    • Capt. Vivek Bishnoi - Ex-Merchent Navy Officer
    • Mr. Amarisnh Jadhavrao - Social Worker
    • Dr. Prabhakar Jadhav - Doctor
    • Dr. Chandrakant Doshi - Veternary Doctor
    • Mr. Manohar Patil - Head Master Sec. Marathi
    • Mr. Shahanawz Mujawar - Teacher
    • Mrs. Jyoti Palande - Teacher
    • Mr. Balkrishna Torane - Prof. Hotel Management
    • Mrs. Harsha Warke - Lecturer-D-Pharmacy
  • Advisory Board

    No. Name Qualification/Designation Address/Contact No.
    1. Dr. Ramesh Naik M. S. (Gen. Sur.) Yashwant Building, Savitri Marg, Rohidas Nagar At/Post, Tal - Mahad, Dist Raigad, Mobile No. 9422694333
    2. Dr. Jolly Bansal M.S. E-95, Greater Kailas, Part 2, Dr. Bansal Health Point, New Delhi, Mobile No. 911728288
    3. Shri. Shivaji Raje Jadhavrao Social Worker Rajwada Parisar, At/Post, Tal - Sindakhedraja, Dist - Buldhana, Mobile No. 9422206847
    4. Adv. S.K. Pashankar LL.B. Kashinath Prasad, 364/65/4, Shivaji Nagar, Pune - 411005, Tel. No. 020-25537890
    5. Adv. Mahendra Jain B.A. LL.B. Block No. 15, Kunkulol Society, Azadwadi, Kothrud, Pune 411038, Mobile No. 9890212814
    6. Shri. Javed Attar B.Sc. (Agri) C/o. Shri. Shoharab Khan, 66/A, Malhar Peth, Patel Corner, Satara 415101, Mobile No. 9975879777
    7. Shri. Amarsinh Jadhavrao Social Worker At- Malegaon Budruk, Tal - Baramati, Dist - Pune 413115, Mobile No. 9767345333
    8. Shri. Ashok Soniminde Businessman Amerika, Mobile No. 9769779995
    9. Adv. Nilesh Rupawate Advocate/Solicitor London-England, Mobile No. 44 7881698983
    10. Capt. Vivek Bishnoi Caption Merchant Navy A-6/101 Plorida Estate, Keshav Nagar,Shivaji Chowk, Mundhava, Pune - 411036 Mobile No. 9890604092
    11. Adv. Ranjeetsinh Jadhavrao LL.B. Sarekar Ali, At-Post, Tal - Mahad, Dist - Raigad,Mobile No. 9422095895
    12. Adv. Shaunak Satpute Advocate Solicitor Highcourt 59, Janmabhumi Marg, Fort, Mumbai 400001 Mobile No. 9820150800
    13. Shri. Satish Deshpande Retired Officer New Swastik Co-Op. Society, Near Mawali Madal, Charai, Thane, Mobile No. 9920848401
    14. Dr. Prabhakar Jadhav Doctor Junapost - At/Post - Tal - Mahad, Dist - Raigad,Mobile No. 7588105662
    15. Shri. Rajendra Tipnis Professor Gawal Ali, At/Post - Tal - Mahad, Dist - Raigad,
    16. Shri. Raghuji Angre LL.B. Gheriya, Motibag, At/Post - Tal Alibag,Dist - Raigad, Mobile No. 9426689090
    17. Adv. Avinash Fatangare LL.B. 84, Dholakwala Building, 1st Floor, Fort,Mumbai -400001, Mobile No. 9730016263
    18. Adv. Vijaysinh Pawar B.A. LL.B. At-Post-Tal - Dapoli, Dist - Ratnagiri,Mobile No. 9422431072