First CBSE School in Mahad

About School

Welcome To Navyug

Navyug English Medium School is situated in the place which is historically popular, as the Kingdom of ChathrapathiShivaji Maharaja was located in Fort Raigad. It is only 2 Km. away from Mahad city, 1 Km. away from Mumbai Goa Highway, 125 Km away from Panvel the city of New Mumbai and 132 Km. away from Pune city. It is a place of natural greenery with excellent natural scenery and with fresh and calm atmosphere for betterment of education in 21st century.

Navyug is looked upon as a place of pride in the region which has built its foundation on the floors of excellence over the last 39 years. It was established with the mission of “VidhyadhanamSarvadhanamPradhanam.”

The Trust motivates to triumph quality education as well as inculcating Sense of Self- Discipline, Self- Reliance, Self- Motivation and morals and values which would prove useful to the in their future. The school receives the students with reverence with the expectation that the students also must extend the same to the entire society without any discrimination. The school has an inspiration of creating a healthy atmosphere where caste, creed and religion do not become the criteria for success. It aims at developing citizens who have respect for all which is lacking in the new generation. Counseling is an integral part of the school as it assists students to cope up with various problems of adolescence and to handle and manage themselves in a competitive environment. As this is an inevitable aspect in molding the behavior of youngsters morally and worth fully, Board has introduced the same as a part of education. Hence, we are emphasizing to follow their system.

Our institution aims for a “bright and prosperous future”. Education in the broadest sense is to increase ones understanding of the world as a result of training, study or experience. It has to prepare the mind and body to accept challenges. Education of any kind whether structured or informal involves transmission of beliefs, values and customs of a particular society to its younger members.

The institution focuses on knowing and enhancing an individual’s physical, intellectual, social, emotional and spiritual strengths and integrating them to enable an individual to manage and to cope with life’s stresses and succeed in attaining higher achievements. We are aiming to develop an attitude among the students towards education as a continuous process of formal and practical learning on the platform of assimilation of experiences for ongoing knowledge and skill to be of value to oneself and therefore to the society.

Our main task is to teach the students to believe in him/her to create an opportunity themselves and to be a team player. So that they can have an endless thirst for knowledge of skill.

The institution’s goal is to nurture and develop the potential of the student. It strives to constantly maintain a steady system which tracks the development of the children and assists to create a belief that “Nothing is impossible in life.” We are insisting to create a positive attitude in the mind of each student. This will assist them in their career life as well as they could contribute worth full service to the public by implementing their ability, knowledge imparted to them and through their matured way of behavior.

“Modern education with heritage intact.”


  • Totally secular in every aspect.
  • Respect all faiths, religions and philosophies.
  • Support the needy in every possible way.
  • Free education to the most deserved.
  • Smart class education provided for students.